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What does WIWE do?

  • The device provides information on the average heart rate, the blood oxygen level and on the potential deviation from normal ECG. For the precise assessment and detailed illustration of the recorded data, the device uses the smartphone’s screen via Bluetooth connection. The recorded results can be forwarded to your doctor and any person indicated via e-mail. The built-in accumulator can be charged with a micro USB plug.
    • The Device needs approximately 60 seconds to complete the measuring necessary to prepare the cardiogram.
    • Based on the measured data, the Device carries out an automatic analysis and provides the results.
    • With one full battery charge, 135 or so measuring can be carried out. The Device can store up to 50 measurement data on the device itself. After that measurement data are overwritten.
    • The Device is capable of:
            * downloading ECG-data.
            * storing measurement results in a chronological order.
            * displaying ECG waveforms as reference information to a healthcare professional.
            * preparing the ECG in a format that allows doctors to evaluate crucial information

Intended purpose:
• Risk analysis for supraventricularis (eg. atrial fibrillation), Ventricular tachycardia and sudden cardiac death.

Patients to be treated:
• Anyone can use the device, so athletes, healthy people and people with heart disease can just as well get information on certain aspects of their heart. The most beneficial may be for groups at risk (eg. cardiovascular patients) without any prognostication or for patients with already developed cardiovascular disease, showing any appearing arrhytmia.

Disease, condition requiring treatment (indication):
• Supraventricularis (eg. atrial fibrillation) Ventricular tachycardia and sudden cardiac death.


Situations when the device must not be used (contraindication):

No situation is known that would make the device’s use contraindicated, however, the warnings listed in the instructions for use must be considered.
• It does not replace medical diagnosis completely.
• It cannot be used for curing diseases.
• We did not test children’s examination, so its use is only recommended for users over 18 years.

Purchase WIWE

This product may not be right for you. We recommend that you read the Instruction for Use prior to purchase by clicking on the following link: https://mywiwe.com.au/instruction-for-use


The WIWE is listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) through our company WIWE Australia as Sponsors. You can view our ARTG Certificate (ARTG Identifier: 294151)


What does WIWE do?
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