$50 Bushfires Donations

$50 Bushfire Donations

Helping Aussie Mates

Our hearts goes out to all of those who have suffered and continue to go through the fires currently burning across Australia and we want to help all of those in need. Helping our fellow Aussie Mates.

Donations from Sales of WIWE

We will be donating $50 from every sale of our WIWE medical device to a charity of your choosing.


We realise that there are lots of organisations who are making donations to a specific charity, however we realise that our customers aren’t all in 1 state and therefore give you the opportunity of who you would like us to donate the $50.00 to.

Charities you can choose to donate $50 to.

Helping Communities

We ourselves are located in Regional NSW where communities mean everything. We want to help all communities across Australia.

You can help all our communities and fellow Aussie mates by buying a WIWE now with $50 of your sale going to a Charity of your choice.

Purchase a WIWE at https://mywiwe.com.au/shop

WIWE – a medical device that measures your ECG in 60-seconds.

We all Burning

We are all Australians and no matter where we live we are all burning with these fires having an impact whether it be directly or indirectly with the smoke.

Give generously whether it be through buying our WIWE or donating yourself. Help our fellow Aussie Mates.

Australia burning
$50 Bushfires Donations
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