New HRV – Heart Rate Variability Function

We are pleased to announce that HRV function is now being made available in the WIWE mobile application. Measuring heart-rate variability (HRV) is a widespread protocol in Western-European and American cardiology circles. HRV indicates the natural fluctuation of the heart rate. In cases of arrhythmia, this fluctuation in the heart rate and heart frequency, is caused by some irregular functioning of the heart, […]

WIWE – Mobile ECG

Did you know that the WIWE is a clinical-grade ECG that is the size of a credit card? The WIWE records a clinical-grade ECG anywhere, anytime in 1 minute. Connecting to your mobile device using Bluetooth using the WIWE is easy to use by placing your 2 fingers on the sensors whilst watching the App capture your heart readings. Once the WIWE has […]

Covid-19 Update

As Australia continues to be locked-down to flatten the curve with the Covid-19 Coronavirus we continue to be open for business. You can continue to purchase the WIWE medical device from our online website at The WIWE is a medical device that records your ECG in 60-seconds and gives you results in an easy […]

Australia begin lockdown

Australia is beginning to lockdown with the spread of the Coronavirus. The WIWE will help you understand your risks so that you can seek further medical advice from your GP or specialists. Remember to call 000 in an emergency. The WIWE can email your health specialist a report on your results so you don’t have […]

WIWE for Aged Care

The WIWE is ideal for those who aren’t able to visit their doctors regularly such as those who are in aged care, whether they be in their own homes, aged care home or your home. Now carers can carry the WIWE, the size of a credit card to perform an ECG check of their customers, […]

$50 Bushfires Donations

Helping Aussie Mates Our hearts goes out to all of those who have suffered and continue to go through the fires currently burning across Australia and we want to help all of those in need. Helping our fellow Aussie Mates. Donations from Sales of WIWE We will be donating $50 from every sale of our […]

Healthy Heart

Have you considered how healthy your heart is? We all concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle and talk about the need to be healthy, but we don’t talk about how healthy our hearts are. What is a healthy heart? For healthy adults your heart rate should be between 60 and 99 to be considered normal. […]

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