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PayPal Payments

PayPal payments disabled Due to the recent announcement from PayPal of their intentions to fine people for “misinformation” we have decided to temporarily turn off PayPal payments on our website. We hope that you understand that we cannot deal with woke businesses who want to control and tell you what you can and cannot speech. […]

New Functions

New Functions is available Would you like to know what age group you belong to based on your hear rate fluctuations? Do your results reflect your age, or are you more youthful, maybe older? Due to the new development of WIWE, you may find out soon! New functions will be added to the smart ECG […]

What does WIWE do?

The device provides information on the average heart rate, the blood oxygen level and on the potential deviation from normal ECG. For the precise assessment and detailed illustration of the recorded data, the device uses the smartphone’s screen via Bluetooth connection. The recorded results can be forwarded to your doctor and any person indicated via […]

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021. We hope that you have a lovely year and remember to buy a WIWE. BUY WIWE This product may not be right for you. We recommend that you read the Instruction for Use prior to purchase by clicking on the following link: https://mywiwe.com.au/instruction-for-use IF SYMPTOMS WORSEN OR CHANGE UNEXPECTEDLY, TALK TO YOUR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. CALL […]

Christmas 2020

Start shopping now for Christmas and buy your loved ones a WIWE. A mobile ECG medical device the size of a credit card records your heart in 60-seconds. Connects to a smart device using Bluetooth allowing you to capture information into the Free App and send results to your doctor or specialist.   Buy Now […]

Postage Update

We continue to experience short delays with our products out of Europe and then in Australia with Australia Post due to less airplanes flying between capital cities. Our normal allowances have been 5 to 10 business days and in most cases this is still the case however we might experience a few more days on […]

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