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We care about your health. We want you to live a longer and prosperous life with your loved ones. We exist to provide you the WIWE.

About WIWE - the medical device that's easy to use.

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myWIWE is an Australian owned and operated business.

ARTG Listed

The WIWE is listed on Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Medical Device.

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Make Life a Living BIZ.

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Living BIZ Pty Ltd is a health and wellness company that owns myWIWE and WIWE Australia to bring you the amazing WIWE medical device.

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WIWE Australia

WIWE Australia are sponsors of the WIWE with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

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myWIWE sell the WIWE medical device online.

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Living BIZ

Living BIZ is the parent company of WIWE Australia and myWIWE.


myWIWE Australia sell the WIWE medical device in Australia. myWIWE Australia is owned by Living BIZ Pty Ltd.

WIWE Australia

WIWE Australia are sponsors of the WIWE medical device listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. View ARTG Certificate

Living BIZ

Living BIZ Pty Ltd are the parent company of myWIWE and WIWE Australia. Living BIZ is an Australian registered company.

Why We Care

We want you and your family to live a long and propersous life together. We want your life to be as long as possible.

Medical Advice

If you have concerns about your heart you should seek medical advice from your GP or specialist.

24x7 Emergency

If you believe you are suffering a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest ring 000 immediately.

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