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Experience the love with your family the WIWE will bring.

Why We Save Lives.

Your heart is keeping you alive, look after your heart. It's worth it!

Why we Care.

We want you to live a longer life with your loved ones.

Why We Love Life.

Give the gift of life by looking after your heart. Your loved ones care and want you around.

Give a WIWE.

Buying a WIWE will help you look after your heart and give the gift of life for your loved ones.

Clinical-grade ECG

WIWE records a clinical-grade ECG anywhere, anytime and evaluates it without any help from a clinician.

Health Journal

WIWE reports are stored on your smart device in the health journal.

Results Shared

WIWE results can be shared as a PDF with family members or your GP/clinicians.

Risk Assessment

Arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest risk assessment, blood oxygen and heart rate measurement.


The WIWE is a one-time investment with no evaulation fees, with 2 years warranty makes the WIWE affordable.


The WIWE is recommended by specialists, with a 98.69% accuracy and 14 days money-back guarantee the WIWE is reliable.

The WIWE is a medical device that monitors your heart to give you possible warnings about heart attack, strokes and cardiac arrest. With the WIWE it only takes 1 minute to find out how your heart is going.

Easy to Use

  • Place fingers on sensors
  • No cables or patches
  • Reports easy to understand
  • Easy Instructions
  • Works on IOS and Android


  • Recommended by Specialist
  • CE Mark Medical Device
  • 98.69% Accuracy
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • 2 Years Warranty

Real life people who have bought a WIWE are not over 70 and un-healthy. Doesn't matter how old or how healthy you are, you can have a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest. Read some testimonals of people who our WIWE has had an impact on their lives.

Marika Oszvald Testimonial

Marika Oszvald

Actress, Opera Singer

"I love performing on stage, and I want to keep doing it for a long time to come. When I heard about WIWE, I bought 4 of it for my family!“.

Anna Peter Testimonial

Anna Peter


"I had ordered WIWE and within a few days it managed to "catch" symptoms of a certain problem at home. I’m just over a catheter ablation. WIWE's diagnosis was 100% confirmed!".

Monika Beck Testimonial

Monika Beck

Heart Runner Ambassador

"This tiny device is like my pacemaker - always with me, lives with me".

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Prof. Dr. Bela Merkely

Rector of Semmelweis University, Director and university teacher at Városmajor Heart Centre

"I recommend WIWE not only for my patients living with a heart disease but for my health-conscious patients too"

The WIWE is a medical device that is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class IIa diagnostic medical device..

WIWE Australia

WIWE Australia are the sponsors of the WIWE medical device and therefore has the legal rights under the Therapeutic Goods Administration to import and sell the WIWE in Australia.

ARTG Certificate

You can view our Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG Certificate here.

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