Unpacking WIWE

information on unpacking the WIWE

Unpacking the WIWE

Following is to help you in being able to use your new WIWE.
Outer External Box

External Box

To protect your new WIWE it is sent in an external box.

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Sitting on top is the Warranty and use inforamtion. and fill in the serial number.

WIWE Boxed


The WIWE is packed in it's own little white box.

Opening WIWE Box

Opening WIWE Box

When you take the lid off of the WIWE box, the WIWE is inside protected by a plastic cover.

Bottom of WIWE box

Box Bottom

Information that is on the bottom of the WIWE box.

WIWE removed

WIWE Removed

When you remove the WIWE there is another compartment underneath.

Opening 2nd Compartment

Opening 2nd Compartment

Opening the 2nd compartment contains Instructions for use and how to download the APP.

Instructions to use

Instructions for Use

The instructions for use and how to download the APP.

Instructions to use rear

Instructions to Use Rear

The reverse side of the instructions for use and download the APP pages.



At the bottom of the box is the USB cable used to charge the device.

ARTG Listed


The WIWE is listed with the ARTG as a Class IIa Medical Device.

Easy to Use

Free APP

The WIWE is easy to use with the Free APP.


14-days money-back guarantee

The WIWE comes with a 14-days money-back guarantee.

Medical Advice

Seek Professional Advice

The WIWE is not a replacement for medical advice. Always seek professional medical advice.

Health Insurance

Medical Devices

Most Australian Health Insurance allows you to claim for medical devices. Check if you can.

Buy Now Pay Later

Payment Options

We offer a range of payment options such as AfterPay interest-free payment options.